A Download Folder That Syncs

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

How I’m Using iPadOS - Part One. - Daryl Baxter - Blog

To test the download manager, I thought I’d try a random site I used to go to for…certain files once upon a time, and I came in with low expectations. But as expected, it downloaded the file as I would have with my iMac back in the day; I went to, unzipped, and there it was. And because of iCloud Drive, it appeared on the MacBook Air, ready for an app to be used with it.

iPadOS1 lets you download either to a local Downloads folder or a new Downloads folder synced over iCloud. I didn’t think I’d like the iCloud one at first, but I have ended up using it for everything besides the largest files I download and then just having them everywhere. Download something on your iPad? Access it from your phone in a few minutes when it’s done downloading and you’re at work, for example.

  1. And iOS 13, for that matter.