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Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Manton Reece - Tumblr and… is also designed around blogs because it gives immediate value to the platform, insulating it against the network effect that drives the success or failure of most other social networks: not all your friends are there yet. Unlike ad-supported platforms, aligns its business model with customer needs. Subscriptions for blog hosting let us deliver the best features we can, and also help support the rest of the platform.

I think is a really cool product and while I don’t use it much myself, I think it’s a great solution to the unfortunate situation we’re in where we’re posting all of our thoughts to closed platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

I think the fact that it’s built on the open web is what makes me more compelling to me than other attempts at “twitter alternatives.” Like I said, I don’t use myself and I don’t have the app installed on my iPhone or anything, but I still follow a few users through…

…wait for it…


Yes, that old fashioned tech lets me follow along with the people I enjoy however the heck I want and that’s something special in 2019. Keep at it, Manton!