Everyone Else is Screwed, but I’ll be Fine (or: The Answer to Every Vibe Check Question Ever)

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Lee Rainie: AI in Hiring and Evaluating Workers: What Americans Think

Some 62% think the use of AI in the workplace will have a major impact on workers generally over the next 20 years. On the other hand, just 28% believe the use of AI will have a major impact on them personally, while roughly half believe there will be no impact on them or that the impact will be minor.

This is among my favorite phenomena that comes up over and over again. In this case, most people think that AI will have a major impact on the job market, but only a few think they personally have anything to worry about.

It’s the same when you ask people about schools. “The education system is fucked and teachers are the enemy, but I’m happy with my kid’s school and their teachers are good people.” It’s the same deal when asking people about the economy: most will tell you it’s going terribly out there, but most people will also say that they personally are doing alright.

Once you notice it, you’ll see it everywhere.