Final Fantasy 15 is Fastest Selling Title in Series' History

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Just this morning I reported that Pokémon Sun and Moon had the best first week of sales for any Pokémon game ever, and now we have word that Final Fantasy 15 moved 5 million units (physical and digital) in it's first day on the market. As you may have already guessed, that's also the best that series has ever done too.

For some perspective, the iPhone 6s sold 13 million units in it's opening weekend. Final Fantasy sold just over a third of that, but that's pretty incredible scale to be compared to.

How about in comparison to another media property, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? Video game companies and movie studios report things differently, but let's compare them the best we can. At $60 minimum per copy (collector's editions went for upwards of $100, but most get the base game), that's at least $300 million on day one. Fantastic Beasts made $74 million in its opening weekend (3 days), which roughly could work out to 7-8 million tickets.

Here's how these 3 blockbuster releases stack up in a slightly more organized fashion:

Revenue Units
Final Fantasy 15 $300M 5M
Fantastic Beasts $74M 7-8M
iPhone 6s $10B+ 13M

So just remember that the next time you think about video games as a niche product category. Games are not going anywhere.

Please note that the iPhone revenue number is very much a guess, based on an ASP of $750. This could be way off, but it's the best guess I can make since Apple doesn't give that out.