I unexpectedly find myself defending color

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Ben Lovejoy: Unpopular Opinion: iPhone Colors Don’t Matter to Most People

But in all honesty, I could buy any of the colors and it wouldn’t really make any difference. The total time my iPhone remains caseless, with its color visible, is about two minutes per year – between removing it from the box and putting it in the case, where it spends the rest of its natural born days. The same is true of almost everyone I know.

Rolls up sleeves: I disagree intensely.

One, people like pretty colors and even if people are going to use a case (most will), they still care about the color.

Two, even if you’re using a case, the color of your phone is 100% on display. The camera cutout these days is huge, and your phone’s color is going to show through. Ben may not care about this, but I know numerous people in my life who specifically buy cases that will look nice when paired with their phone color since that is like 20% of the back of the phone these days.

Three, have you seen many of the popular cases these days? Clear cases are all the rage, and you can see them on top-seller lists at most online stores. Kate Spade makes some popular cases, and a quick glance at their site shows 27 of their 49 cases on sale now are clear and prominently show your phone’s color.

Are there some people who don’t care about their phone’s color? Sure. Is it most people, to the point that it’s a non-factor to them? I really doubt it.