If You Still Think Samsung Phones Suck, You Have To Admit You Just Don't Want to Like Samsung

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 7 this week the narrative online has been the same as it has for years whenever Samsung releases anything. Apple fanboys have grabbed onto everything about this phone that is less than the iPhone, and Android fans have generally approved of the device due to its exhaustive feature list (something that always plays well in the Android community). Moving beyond the iOS vs Android debate, I really want to address the Apple fans who are trashing this (and every Samsung) phone.

Listen, no one likes being called a fanboy, but if you're mocking Samsung's new phones for being visually unappealing, or gimmicky, or user hostile, then you need to admit you are an Apple fanboy and you're going to criticize anything Samsung puts out at this point. And my god have mercy on your soul if you break out the "if you see a stylus, they blew it" line.

Having used the Galaxy S6 as my main phone for a few months last year and playing with an S7 some this year, I can tell you with confidence that these phones are good-looking devices, that could absolutely appeal to many people more than the iPhone aesthetic. Likewise, you could say the stylus is gimmicky, but tell that to the iPad Pro people who love their Pencils. And you could pick out certain parts of the operating system and say they are not as user friendly as iOS, but remember that iOS makes you go through this process to add a third party keyboard:

So the next time you are about to lob some sick burn at whatever the newest Samsung phone is, consider whether you are coming from a decade-old bias against Samsung and maybe it's about time to drop the feigned outrage.