Sony's Q2 2016 Results: A Merely Acceptable Pre-Holiday Quarter

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

Sony announced their 2016 Q2 results today and they were honestly a kind of boring release. Their revenues were technically up year over year in Q2, but this was ultimately a down quarter for the company due to currency fluctuations.

But what I really care about with Sony is their gaming division, so let's dive in.

Sony reported $3.17 billion in gaming revenue last quarter, with $188 million in operating income. That's a 5% increase in revenue over last year, but again that is technically an 11% decrease for currency changes. Sony cites the PS4 price reduction from $349 to $299. That's a 14% reduction in revenue on each PS4 sold, so they simply have to sell more units to make the same amount. On the plus side, Sony reported an increase in software sales as well as sales through their PlayStation Network.

With the PlayStation VR was released on October 13 and the PlayStation 4 Pro is coming on November 10, so those should juice the numbers a bit for them in the next quarter. I'll see you right back here on February 1 with the results.