Why we Argue About Die Hard

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Is [REDACTED] a Christmas Movie? - Kaitlyn Tiffany

Because of the dreaded incentives of social media, we force debate upon ourselves all the time, even at the most wonderful time of the year. And we do so even when our arguments hold no promise of a resolution.

“Arguments that hold no promise of a resolution,” is a good way to put 90% of commentary on social media.

I also enjoyed this bit about It’s a Wonderful Life:

To be clear, this is an internet problem. Talking privately about whether Die Hard, or any other movie, is a Christmas movie inflicts no harm on anyone. It’s a Wonderful Life is, as we all know, not a Christmas movie, because its central drama stems from a series of decisions made over decades, at various times of the year, culminating in a bank error that doesn’t seem like it would really lead to significant jail time (as the narrative suggests) and that doesn’t have anything to do with Christmas. Nevertheless, my family watches It’s a Wonderful Life every single year on Christmas Day because it’s so funny!

Coincidentally, I posted a tweet a few days ago asking people to give me a list of things they think something needs to be considered “a Christmas movie,” and promptly deleted it because I questioned what value I would possibly get from the answers. At best I would feel neutral about the replies, and at worst (and more likely) at least one would get under my skin and make me feel worse.

It’s not a “resolution” or anything, but in 2022 I do hope to try and not engage with conflict that was created for no reason other than to have more conflict out there.