Edge is the New Safari is the New IE?

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Microsoft is forcing Edge on Windows users with a spyware-like install - The Verge

If I told you that my entire computer screen just got taken over by a new app that I’d never installed or asked for — it just magically appeared on my desktop, my taskbar, and preempted my next website launch — you’d probably tell me to run a virus scanner and stay away from shady websites, no?

This is not a good look for Microsoft, although I’m maybe not going to have the same take as the rest of the Apple fandom…

First off, Edge is the system browser, just like IE before, and just like Safari on macOS and iOS. You couldn’t uninstall IE on Windows before, and you can’t uninstall Safari on iOS or macOS now. Let’s not make this a thing we get upset about.

Second, automatically pinning itself to your taskbar isn’t cool, but again, I got the new Translate app on my iPhone home screen when I upgraded to iOS 14. I get new apps all the time on my home screens on iOS when Apple releases new apps with new iOS releases, so again, not the end of the world.

And third, making you confirm your default browser choice is not cool, but again, this is an interesting take from the Apple fandom. We’ve had 13 years of having zero choice about default browsers, and it’s been annoying for Chrome, Firefox, and yes, even Edge users forever. Also, if you hate this, every time you install a new browser, email client, or basically anything else on Android, it will ask you if you’d like to change your mind on your default.

Anywho, later in the article they get to real conclusion.

Because if I’m being honest, after the initial shock wore off, I found Edge easy enough to ignore. The experience mostly just left a bad taste in my mouth.

So yeah, good to get some hate out there and vent about the company you love to vent about, but it’s actually not a big deal.