Is Quibi a Figment of my Imagination?

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Is anyone watching Quibi?

Instead, Quibi has foundered. The app’s ranking dropped to No. 284 by mid-June. A handful of shows, such as a reboot of Reno 911!, seem to have found an audience (it’s impossible to know precisely how large an audience, since Quibi, like other streamers, doesn’t release numbers), but critical attention has focused mostly on the flops.

Genuinely, outside of the occasional “Quibi is bad” article, and the couple days I spent trying to watch it when it was new, I see no real evidence that the service actually exists. Past launch day, no one in social media is talking about it and no one in my “real life” has mentioned it even in passing.

Really, did Quibi launch? Is it real? I see a giant pile of money on fire in the distance, but I see no evidence that Quibi is a real thing.

Maybe it’s real, maybe it’s not. At best, it appears to be something that’s cultural influence is exclusively the snarky articles it lets people like me write every once in a while. At worst, it’s a figment of my imagination that I’ve created to add some drama to these quarantine months this summer.

Ah, that hopeful fool!