By Matt Birchler
I've been writing here since 2010! Back when personal blogs were all the rage. Kids, ask your parents.

Gather Round Apple Event Wallpapers

Apple invited press to their September event today, and as is tradition at this point, I've made some wallpapers to go with it. As always, there are numerous color options and these are all high res (3840x3840) so they should look good on basically any screen you throw them at.

P.S. I considered making all of the alternates exclusive to patrons, but I decided this was a big event for the year and limiting their reach didn't make a lot of sense. Still, these took time to make and I would appreciate it deeply if you considered supporting the work on Patreon.


Full resolution link - gold

Full resolution link - rainbow "six colors"

Full resolution link - pink

Full resolution link - purple

Full resolution link - blue

Full resolution link - green

Full resolution link - white

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