I Truly Cherish All Those “Rich Advertising Experiences”

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Emma Roth: This free TV comes with two screens

While ads shouldn’t interrupt whatever you’re watching on the main display, Telly’s chief strategy officer, Dallas Lawrence, tells The Verge that ads might utilize both displays when you’re not using the TV. “When the Theatre display (top screen) is not in use, the ad unit could come to life in a fun way connecting both,” Lawrence says. “There are literally hundreds of things we are thinking about to create the most engaging ad experience ever.”

I’m not opposed to advertising, and I’m not opposed to make people preferring (or needing to use) free products that they pay for with ads. I would even wager to guess that I find advertising less evil than the majority of you reading this post!

That said, I truly adore hearing businesspeople talk about how engaging their ads are, or how many “rich experiences” they create for people. Yeah…totally…