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Is Destiny Really a Terrible Video Game?

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Jon Bois writing for SBNation:

Destiny both represents and precipitates a slow death of the heart. Ostensibly presented, as is every video game, as a refuge from our work and obligations, it instead re-packages that work and those obligations, rejoicing in them, blissfully conflating "doing stuff" with "fun." It doesn't want to say anything, nor does it want you to express yourself or see your handiwork or fingerprints in anything. It is a profoundly shitty video game better suited for the idle subroutines of a dreaming, hibernating console than any human being.

I don’t think that Destiny is a terrible game but I do see Jon’s point. My defense of Destiny has always been that the core combat is fun enough that just running around and killing things is enjoyable. That’s why I enjoyed the main game and PvP sections of the game. Once I got to the endgame and had to grind for gear and loot drops, I lost all drive to continue.

There is definitely value to be found in Destiny, so saying it’s a terrible game is unfair, in my opinion. Repetitive games have been a part of the medium forever. We don’t think Tetris is a terrible game because you always do the same thing and there’s no real reward for doing well.

If you still like Destiny, you can still find me playing in The Crucible from time to time as birch2525 on PSN. Shoot me a friend request!