What’s Up with Google and Android Wear?

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read
They made no mention of anything meaningful in health and fitness, and the didn’t address the slowly-coming-into-focus idea that the wrist can really be a great place for technology. It all just felt very blah.
- Abdel Ibrahim for WatchAware

I agree with Abdel that Google’s Wear announcements were pretty bland. We basically heard that the slightly updated version of the software that has been running on the LG Urbane is being pushed to all Android Wear watches.

Whoop-dee-doo. But there’s a different angle on this whole thing.

Google spent most of this conference talking about how they were going to reach the next billion people. If you look at their conference from this angle, then what does the watch do for them? If you’re buying an Android Wear watch, then you already have an Android phone; Google already has you. Focusing on Android optimizations, low-end phones, Chromebooks, a great photos solution, and the “internet of things” gets Google into more people's lives.

Smart watch converts like me were disappointed by Google’s announcements, but maybe we’ll get something more interesting when the inevitable followup to the Moto 360 is revealed soon.