Nintendo Finally Got Third Parties Right

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Chris Brandrick: Persona finally comes to Switch (properly), plus Nintendo's Joy-Con repair subscription

Now, this week we finally got that Direct we were all waiting for. It may not have been a 'proper' Direct (like those we typically see in June), but nonetheless I thought it was rather good. I go into more detail below (where you'll find the video linked up), but seeing the most requested third party franchise finally come to Switch is pretty rad — Persona, the actual mainline games.

I’ve seen nothing but praise for last week’s Nintendo Direct Mini, which exclusively covered third party games coming to Switch in the next year, and I don’t think we should discount how incredible a turnaround that is for the company. The Wii U was basically just good for Nintendo’s own games, the Wii was massively successful, but again mostly from Nintendo’s titles, and even the Gamecube and Nintendo 64 were sparse when it came to third party titles.

So yeah, the fact that Nintendo is now able to do an event showing off zero of their own games and people are still happy is quite the accomplishment, and not something we really could have expected from Nintendo since maybe the Super Nintendo days, about 3 decades ago.