A Quick Update on BirchTree

I’ve been producing less content for the site over the last few weeks, and I thought that deserved a quick explanation. I’m still working on creating the best content I can, but that work has shifted recently from generating daily articles about tech towards more long-term projects that don’t see the light of day for quite some time.

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Only the Good Stuff Today

Eagle-eyed observers may have noticed a new link in this site’s navigation in the past couple days as “The Good Stuff” showed up out of nowhere. I thought I’d take a second and explain what’s going on.

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New RPG from Square-Enix for Apple Watch


Square-Enix just put up a page for an upcoming RPG titled Cosmos Rings. Normally this wouldn’t be big news to me, as I don’t really play many RPGs these days, but when you tell me that game is for the Apple Watch…well then you’ve got my attention. I’m really interested to see how this thing shakes out.

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A Watch that Just Tells Time?

I really like this watch face, but I just can't bring myself to use it because it simply doesn't take advantage of what makes the Apple Watch so great.

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Circuits iPhone Wallpapers


It’s been a little while since the last Wallpaper Weekend here on BirchTree, but I think you’ll enjoy these.

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Execution Matters a Hell of a Lot More Than an Original Idea

One trap I see a lot of people fall into is thinking that their work needs to be "original" or "unique." They obsess over coming up with that one brilliant idea that no one else has thought of, and once they have it they will be successful because their idea was so goddamned brilliant. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but this thinking is harmful to your progress for a couple reasons.

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Fixing Media Controls in watchOS 3


Apple’s watchOS 3 is a pretty excellent update overall, but there are a few things were Apple is missing the mark in my opinion. The first one was with the new Timer app’s interface, which they have already partially addressed, but now after using the beta for a few weeks another glaring flaw has become obvious. Media controls have taken a big step backwards compared to watchOS 1 & 2.

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Intentionally Slowing Down the User Experience

While our systems perform these checks at a much faster speed than people can actually see, it's important that they understand what we do behind the scenes to protect their Facebook account[.] UX can be a powerful education tool and walking people through this process at a slower speed allows us to provide a better explanation and an opportunity for people to review and understand each step along the way.

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Pinboard Turns 7

Pibboard just tuned 7:

I did almost nothing on the site this year except keep it running. Mainly I spent the year fomenting and profiting from online drama. But lately a kind of coding mood has descended on me, and I hope I can spend some time later in the summer figuring out how on earth the site works, and making some long-overdue improvements.

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