The End of DuckDuckGo…Apparently

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Tom Parker: DuckDuckGo ends neutrality, will down-rank sites “associated with Russian disinformation”

The founder of DuckDuckGo, a Google-alternative search engine that has touted its “unbiased” search results for years, has announced that it has started down-ranking sites based on whether they’re deemed to be associated with Russian disinformation.

The DuckDuckGo subreddit is also flipping out over this and the statements are frankly hilarious. In a thread called The End of DuckDuckGo, someone says:

Huge misstep. If I wanted my results curated and censored, I’d use Google

Another thread has this gem:

yeah after hearing this, there is no point of using DDG. the engine should not be touching anywhere close and try to be the ministry of truth

These guys act like a search engine returns a reverse-chronological list of results for your search. DuckDuckGo is largely a white-labeled Bing and I really think a lot of people need to learn how a search engine works.