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How Does the iPhone SE (2022) Stack Up to its Android Peers?

How Does the iPhone SE (2022) Stack Up to its Android Peers?
How the new iPhone SE stacks up against its budget-friendly Android competitors
Head-to-head with a crop of competitive Android phones.
This year, Apple is promising the performance gains of the A15 processor as well as a bigger battery to accommodate that power-hungry 5G modem that’s now built-in. The cost of all that comes in at a starting price point of $429

This is a good look at how the most popular budget Android phones (in the U.S. at least) stack up to the latest iPhone SE. A few thoughts:

  • The only one cheaper than the SE is the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G at $399.
  • All of them have much larger screens than the SE, clearly this is a priority to make these phones look more premium than their price tag.
  • The Snapdragon SoC's in these Android phones are way slower than the A15 in the SE. Like 1/3 the speed according to Geekbench in both single and multi-core benchmarks. Fast enough for reviewers in 2022 to say "things run fine" but not fast enough to still feel that quick 2+ years down the line. As Apple made very clear, budget phones are usually for people who buy a phone as rarely as possible, so long-term performance is huge.

Personally, I think the iPhone SE is a great value and gets people who aren't passionate about phones a good experience that lasts. If you don't want an iPhone and are looking for something on the Android side, I have been recommending the "a" line of Pixels for a few years and everyone I know who's gotten one has been happy with it. The Pixel 5a you can get right now is my pick as well.

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