Apple Could Flip a Switch and Kill Wear OS

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Comment: Apple could kill Wear OS with a pull of the Apple Watch lever - 9to5Google

It’s a sad reality, but if Apple made the Watch compatible with Android, it would be bar-none the best smartwatch for Android phones. It already is the fastest, most useful, and most technically impressive wearable you can buy. The problem for Android users is that — outside of hacky methods of using the LTE model — it’s only compatible with the iPhone. … I think Apple could single-handedly take out Wear OS by flipping a switch. That’s even more true now that the one non-Apple Watch feature Wear OS had going for it — many models with always-on displays — is this year’s big addition.

After testing some of the latest smart watches from Fossil and Samsung this spring, I can attest to the wide gap between what Android options are out there and what Apple is offering to iPhone users. The Apple Watch would not only be the most competent smart watch available on Android, it would be so by a wide margin.

Then again, maybe this isn't something Apple cares at all about and they're perfectly happy to see strong continued growth selling only to iPhone folks. It's worked well for them so far.