Looking Back Once More at the September Invite

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

I recently wrote about whether iPhone event invites give us any clues about what is coming with the new product announcements. My conclusion was decidedly mixed:

By my count, that’s 2 completely on the nose, 2 where people guessed what the clue was, 2 with tenuous clues no one guessed, and 2 with no real clues at all.

Now we have a 9th entrant, and I wanted to give that invite the same treatment as the others, so here we go…



iPhone 11
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Arcade (new info)
Apple TV+ (new info)


I give this one a decent, if imprefect connection. The iPhone 11 does indeed come in a green, and yellow, and purple, and a red, but all of them are in notably different hues than are in the invite. Also, there is no blue iPhone, despite showing up here. But hey, this is a tease, not a product shot, so maybe that’s fine.

Speculation at the time

People speculated that these could be the new colors of the iPhone 11, or they could be a hint at the return of the 6 colors logo.

Some may argue that the invitation also teases one of the wallpapers seen in promo shots of the iPhone 11, but I’d say that’s not what any of us are talking about when we talk about these invites being “teases.”