The Birchtree Newsletter, December 2022

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

Welcome to December! Whether you celebrate anything this month or not, I hope you're doing well and are looking for some fun links and videos to start the month off right.

Oh, and given I'm going to be sharing…checks notes…365 albums I like this year, the music section is not going to be included here anymore. I hope you understand, but a man only has so many music recommendations to hand out.

One final programming note, I've gone quiet on Twitter for the time being and am doing all my social stuff on Mastodon. No, it ain't perfect, but it's generally nice and I've found some good people there. I'm @birchtree over there so follow me if you can navigate the sign up process 😛

My Stuff

The 365 Albums Project
I’ll celebrate my 37th birthday this weekend, which means I was thinking about what I wanted from the next year. One thing that came to mind was this blog and how I wanted to try something new here. I love music, and even at the stage in life where most
Great Art from Bad People
I figured I should write something up about this before I start my year of music suggestions, so here we go. I believe you can enjoy art made by bad people. Now there is a lot of nuance there, and it’s a spectrum, not a binary thing. For example, if
  • Kicking off with the Berkeley Mono Typeface, which is a great-looking retro-style monospace font ($75).
  • The Tweet Museum is a wonderful collection of some of the most iconic tweets ever.
  • I need to spend some time with this one myself, but Coffee looks like a pretty rad, simple time tracking app for the Mac.
  • The SNES Manual Archive is just what it says it is with 800+ manuals in the highest quality I think you can get today.
  • Closing out, here's 10 more fonts to temp your wallet today. This might be the most dangerous link I've ever shared.

Good Videos

This is the best episode of Waveform yet. Hasan Minhaj is always a great interview.
The Verge with an absolutely brutal review of the $1,500 Meta Quest Pro.
This review sums up my feelings on the Playdate as well.
Gary Vee gets the thurough takedown he needs.
I've come to love MinnMax's "deepest dive" series. This is 3 hours on the first third of the game!