The 365 Albums Project

Posted by Matt Birchler
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I'll celebrate my 37th birthday this weekend, which means I was thinking about what I wanted from the next year. One thing that came to mind was this blog and how I wanted to try something new here.

I love music, and even at the stage in life where most people seem to listen to the same artists they did when they were decades younger, I'm still prowling the new releases every week to see what's new. I'm obsessed with music.

The Concept

Starting Saturday and the following 364 days I plan on posting one album per day to this blog that I enjoy.

I don't expect anyone to listen to everything I post, but I hope some will catch your eye and you'll try them out, and others will remind you of things you haven't listened to in ages and you can enjoy again.

The Disclaimers

  1. That's a lot of records so not all of these will be "10/10 this will change your life" records, but they will be albums that make me go, "man, I dig that record!"
  2. I need to minimize the work here, so I'm going to post the name of the record, a nice header image with the album art, and a link to access it on your music service of choice. I won't explain myself in most cases, just know that I think whatever I'm posting is good.
  3. This is my taste in music, which leans towards indie rock, pop, hip-hop, and electronic music.
  4. I'll be using the tag 365 albums on all posts, so you can mute these in your RSS reader if this is about 360 too many music recommendations for you.
  5. Finally, this is clearly one of the lowest priorities in my life, so if life gets in the way, I may not hit every single day. I want to and I plan to, but you know how life can be.

Wish me luck!