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There are Almost 400 Games Available on Nintendo Switch

State of the Game Industry 2018 Results

FIFA 18 Sold Better on Switch than PS4 in Japan

Civilization VI (all of it!) Comes to iPad

Zelda Breath of the Wild: My Favorite Game of 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn: My 2nd Favorite Game of 2017

Stemworld Dig 2: My 3rd Favorite Game of 2017

Resident Evil 7: My 4th Favorite Game of 2017

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: My 5th Favorite Game of 2017

Sony’s Q4 2016 results: Another record quarter for gaming sales

The Magnificence of Horizon: Zero Dawn

Sony's Q3 2016 results: Record hardware sales drive another successful quarter

The 50 best iOS games of last year

Super Mario Run did well, but how does it compare to high end game launches?

Final Fantasy 15 is Fastest Selling Title in Series' History

Pokémon Sun and Moon are the Fastest Selling Games in the Series' History

PS4 has it's Biggest Sales Week Since Launch Over Thanksgiving

The Cost of VR or: Why Sony has a Huge Edge

What Is a "Video Game" Again?

I Love That Game Developers Even Think to Do This

Vampyr Coming to PS4 in 2017

PlayStation 4 Sales Continue to Rise

Sony Continues to Thrive on PlayStation Revenue

Microsoft to Have More Powerful Xbox One...Next Year

The Video Game Landscape in 2016

Video Game Console Sales Sure Look Bleak (if you don't care about real numbers)

PlayStation 4 Remote Play Comes to Mac and PC

Uncharted 2's Stellar Storytelling

Video Games Are the Last Bastion of Premium Priced Consumer Software

Nintendo May Kill the Wii U by End of Year

Sony Working on a "PlayStation 4.5"

3 Reasons PlayStation VR is the Headset to Beat in 2016

A Few More Firewatch Wallpapers

First Impressions of the PlayStation Vita

The Beautiful, Frustrating World of The Witness

What if it's Not the Wii U's Fault it Failed?

Those Damn Game Consoles Just Refuse to Fail

The Big Blue Ocean: How the Apple TV Could Disrupt Console Gaming

Dedicated Gaming Consoles Died Long Ago

Why the PS4's New $349 Price Ensures Sony will Win the Holiday Season

The "Attention Challenge" for Games on the Apple TV

Nintendo Wii: True Disruption or Just a Fad?

How Many Times Can the Tech Press be Wrong About Video Games?

Behold, the Biggest Games Coming Out in Holiday 2015!

Why Guillermo del Toro is done with trying to create video games

Destiny Fundamentall Changing How Post-20 Leveling Works

More Evidence that the New Zelda Will Not be a Wii U Game

Nintendo is Already Phasing Out the Wii U

Weird Kojima Theory That's too Eerie to Ignore

Ubisoft has a Stunning Revelation

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