By Matt Birchler

I’ve been writing at BirchTree (in many forms) since 2010 and really do appreciate everyone who takes the time to read what I put down here.

I live in northern Illinois with my wonderful wife. I love to golf, drink good coffee, and run. I also record a short weekly podcast called Bite Size Tech that I truly enjoy recording.

My favorite writing topics are technology, video games, and productivity. If you want to get in touch, Twitter is the best place; I’m on there everyday.



  • Ulysses - I use this on my iPad, iPhone, and Mac, and it's the best wrting app I've ever used
  • Scrivener - if you’re writing something longer, you can’t do better than this
  • OmniFocus - for getting shit done
  • Tweetbot - the best Twitter app for both the iPhone and Mac
  • Apple Music - Still new, but I like it
  • Pocket Casts - I listen to a lot of podcasts and this app makes it super easy

How This Site Runs

  • Wordpress - I’ve tried many CMS’s and WordPress just seems like the best overall solution
  • Transmit - gotta upload everything somehow. May as well use the best.
  • Text editors are a touchy subject, but Visual Studio Code is a rockstar.