A few of my tech-related hot takes

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

Let’s have some fun and rattle through some relatively spicy takes I have about tech!

Movie theaters are awesome and people still like them. Yes, home theaters and high quality headsets like the Vision Pro make the at-home experience better than ever, but there are still major elements that you don’t get at home. Basically, if you can understand why someone might want to go to the football game in person even though they can follow the game better and in even higher fidelity at home, then you should acknowledge that there could still be reasons people enjoy the theater.

Also, this is what I look like after watching a 90 minute movie alone in the Vision Pro. Can you tell I was wearing a headset? 🫠

This isn’t to say box office numbers will always grow into the future or that the movie industry will remain the same, but I think movie theaters are great and people are too quick to dismiss them.

The YouTube video player is actually good and plugins that revert it to a stock HTLM5 player are regressions. This one could be 1,000 words and spawn dozens of internet arguments, but we’ll leave it here for now.

People have weird concepts of security and privacy on the web. Allowing sites to access our precise location, our cameras, and microphones are okay, but letting them access the Taptic Engine is beyond the pale? See the below section, but every skeezy app on the App Store can use the Taptic Engine without requesting permission.

One more on web apps…there’s a contingent who seems to hate web apps, but the uncomfortable truth is that the Mac’s market share would plummet if web apps weren’t so valuable. No platform has benefitted more from web apps than macOS, and dismissing web apps is how the dominant platform defends their dominance.

Apple enthusiasts (including me) should use a “normal” person’s iPhone for at least one week every year. I think we get this idea that iPhone users are all using classy apps like Fantastical and Overcast, when in fact most people use free, ad-riddled, privacy scraping apps like crazy.

If third party password managers, browsers, and keyboards were invented today, the Apple enthusiast community would decry them as the most dangerous things ever and claim that allowing them on the iPhone would lead to widespread fraud and traps that scam people into ditching Apple’s good experiences. They’d argue that these ought not be allowed to exist on the iPhone.

AI hype men who say AI is a bigger deal to humanity than fire are clowns who are going to look silly. It doesn’t help that many of them are the same people who said NFTs, Clubhouse, Quest Pro meetings, and more tech we’ve mostly forgotten were all The Next Big Thing as well. These people give the AI doomers fodder to work with that I honestly can’t blame them for reacting negatively.