A more current wallpaper of Jupiter for iOS

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

UPDATE: I've added iPad and desktop variants for those who want them.

Have you seen those stunning new photos of Jupiter? Stunning, right?! I think it’s so cool that Jupiter looks markedly different today than it did when I was a kid and had an image of Jupiter burned into my brain. It was a huge orange planet with a distinctive “big red spot”. These photos we now have give the biggest planet in our solar system a whole new look.

Apple has a set of 3 space wallpapers built into iOS, and one of them is Jupiter, but it’s the old Jupiter! Apple hasn’t changed it’s image so I did it for them. And because a few more pics exist, I made some alts for those of you who don’t like Apple’s style.

As always, all are in glorious 4k. Enjoy!



5K Desktop