A New Look Around Here

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

You may have noticed the site looks little different today. It’s not a big change, but I felt we could use a new coat of paint over here. For those curious, here’s a quick change log:

  • New color scheme! I’ve been using the redish-orange and black combo for years, but I wanted to go a different direction. A muted purple (#5954E3) is the hero color now, and I’m really happy with the new look. I also like how different it is from most tech blog color schemes. Additionally, I darkened the site’s background a bit (#EEE) as the stark white (#FFF) was burning my retinas.
  • Updated side bar. I removed the list of recent posts (analytics showed nobody was clicking those anyway) and added my ugly mug smiling face. You can click on my face all you want, but it’s not going to do anything. Maybe I should figure out some sort of Easter egg… I was actually thinking of removing this entirely for aesthetic reasons, but ultimately the things that are there are valuable, especially to new visitors. I still have some work to do here, as I want to make the RSS and Twitter links a little nicer.
  • New typography. I wasn’t totally satisfied with how legible the site was on certain screen types, so I’ve made some subtle changes that I hope make it easier to read everywhere. The body text is set to Apple’s own San Francisco font which is the system font on all iOS and OS X devices. I think the font looks good and is very legible for a sans-serif typeface. Since Apple won’t let me embed the font in my site, it’s calling the font from your device. If you’re not on an updated Apple device, the font fallback is Google’s Roboto.