AirPods 3 Review

Posted by Matt Birchler
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AirPods 3 Review

This has been a draft for over a month and I haven't known what to say, so here's my super-short review of the latest AirPods, non-Pro edition.

  • Ear fit is perfect, way better than the AirPods Pro, which were less comfortable and always worked their way out of my ears.
  • Losing noise cancellation is minorly annoying, but I didn't use it a ton since I usually wanted to stay aware of my surroundings (cars, bikes, etc.).
  • Wind is this style of headphone's nemesis, I basically can't hear anything on a really windy day.
  • Spatial audio with head tracking is nice, but I ususally turn off the head tracking bit since I hate it when walking around. This deserves its own post.
  • Buying advice: I prefer the form factor, improved battery life, and better spatial audio support compared to the older AirPods, so I think they're worth buying over the older/cheaper AirPods model Apple still sells. In terms of comparing to the AirPods Pro, it's closer, and depends what you want. If you prefer the fit of in-ear buds and want noise cancelling, then the Pros are worth the extra money, in my opinion. But for me, I actually prefer these over the Pros since they are more comfortable and noise cancellation wasn't an essential feature.