AOC Plays Among Us, and People Were Into It

Posted by Matt Birchler
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AOC Plays Among Us, and People Were Into It

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Streams On Twitch With Hasan Piker And Pokimane, Draws Over 430,000 Viewers

Between their own channels, these streamers added another 200,000+ concurrent viewers to the series of Among Us games, bringing the full total up to over 600,000 concurrent viewers. AOC’s 439,000 alone, though, means that she now holds the record for third-most concurrent viewers on an individual streamer’s channel in Twitch history. For comparison’s sake, recent streams by Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders both topped out at around 1,000 viewers, while a stream by the US Army esports team that ran around the same time as AOC’s pulled in [sad trombone sound] viewers.

I haven’t even played Among Us yet, but I tuned into the stream for about 30 minutes. I can see why the game has taken off on Twitch, it was really fun to watch (and seemingly stressful to play).