Auxo 3 is Here, and it Makes Me Want to Jailbreak Again

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

Jeff Benjamin at iDownloadBlog:

The Multi-Center is a merging of the App Switcher and Control Center. The nice thing about the Multi-Center is that it uses the same slide up gesture that Control Center normally uses. This means that you can access both the App Switcher and Control Center controls without needing to touch the Home button.

Auxo is one of those tweaks that refines iOS without going crazy. When I jailbroke, it was one of those things that always worked and genuinely made my iPhone better.

At the end, Jeff hits on one of the things that Cydia does better than Apple's App Store.

Auxo 3 is now available on the BigBoss repo, and previous purchasers of Auxo 2 will be able to upgrade to Auxo 3 for only $0.99. Users who are new to Auxo will be able to purchase Auxo 3 for $2.99. As a bonus, full-price purchasers get Auxo legacy and Auxo 2 added to their purchased list free of charge.