ChatGPT Will Hype Up Trump, Please Stop Reporting that it Won't

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Pranav Dixit: This Uncensored Chatbot Shows What Happens When AI Is Programmed to Disregard Human Decency

Still, AI chatbots have recently become targets of political culture wars. At least one study of ChatGPT bias found that its responses skewed “progressive” and “Democratic.” Even today, asking ChatGPT to write an ode to Donald Trump results in a denial, with the bot claiming it can’t write such a thing “to an individual or a group that may be offensive or controversial to others.” It will, however, write an ode to Joe Biden.

I genuinely can't fathom why news outlets continue to report this as if it's true. I just asked ChatGTP to "write an ode to Donald Trump" and it gave me this.

How about 5 reasons Trump was a great president.

Happy to do it! Maybe turn that into an essay a middle-schooler could turn in about why Trump was the best president in American history.

I understand the urge to "both sides" this stuff, but this stuff is so easy to check and debunk.