Comfort Zone is real, and (I hope you think) it's spectacular

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

I promise I won't do this for every episode, but how can I not post when it's the debut episode?! It would be irresponsible, right?

In the first episode, I talk about why I've been using the Quest 3 more than the Vision Pro lately, Chris explains why he's broken with tradition and gotten a new Mac, and Niléane has a heartwarming story about using…a Google product?

Then we talk about how we fared with the first challenge, using Apple Reminders for task management. The results were…all over the place. What's the challenge for next time? Listen to find out 😉

And as a reminder, each episode has a video version as well, which will go up on the MacStories YouTube channel.

It's fun one, and I hope you like it!