Creators Confused by Elon Musk’s Plan to “Incentivize Truth” on X

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Ashley Belanger: Creators Confused by Elon Musk’s Plan to “Incentivize Truth” on X

"The idea is to maximize the incentive for accuracy over sensationalism," Musk said, warning that "any attempts to weaponize @CommunityNotes to demonetize people will be immediately obvious, because all code and data is open source."

This blog is definitively anti-Musk, but I don’t hate this idea on its face. Read the article to see how there are some downsides to how this is implemented right now, but assuming they can sort those out (big assumption these days) I think this is a reasonable goal in the face of creators posting whatever they want, true or not, in hopes of engagement and raking in those Elon Bucks.

One user posted that the change seemingly means that there may be more money rewarded to creators who aren't spreading misinformation or writing sensational posts, suggesting that "if someone is making a lot of money by purposely spreading misinformation, they are taking away money from every other creator who isn't purposely spreading misinformation for money, as the sharing pool is a set amount."

Although it is hard for me to take any platform serious for creators when they have a fixed pool of money to give out to people. This is how TikTok works as well, and it makes creativity a zero-sum game, because someone watching your videos or reading your posts is taking money away from me. On the other end of the spectrum, YouTube pays out a variable amount based on how many people watch videos overall, so I don’t lose money if someone else gets a lot of views.