I Might Cut the Cord in 2015

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

I've been wanting to "cut the cord" from cable TV for years now, and it looks like 2015 will finally be the year I can try it. If I were a single guy, I probably would have cut the cord a year or two ago. However, since I'm a married, my wife gets a say in this too. Honestly, she has more of a say, but that's how it works. She has always opposed cutting cable for 4 little letters: HGTV. HGTV is comfort food television for a lot of people, especially women, and they don't have a great online presence. You can't stream their new shows on Hulu, and you can't even buy them on iTunes. All the episodes you can buy or stream are old and busted. Who wants that?

So when I told her that Sling TV is coming soon, and will stream live HGTV, ESPN, and a handful of other cable channels for $20 per month, she was immediately sold. Yay!!!! Here's how the math works out for us right now:

Current plan

  • $109/month for Comcast TV and internet (25Mbps)
  • $8/month for Netflix
  • $8/month for Hulu
  • $10/month for HBO through Comcast

Total: $125

New plan

  • $49/month for Comcast internet (50Mbps) with HBOGo bundled
  • $8/month for Netflix
  • $8/month for Hulu
  • $20/month for Sling TV
  • $0 for network TV over an antenna

Total: $85

Basically, we are going to save $40 per month, have zero contracts, and still get everything we really need from cable channels. I'm even splurging a little and upgrading our internet speed, so we could save even more if we wanted to. It;s going to be an interesting year.