By Matt Birchler
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Do They Even Know Excel Script? Hmmmmm?

Jason Ward writing for Windows Central:

Despite rivals' success, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella isn't chasing an Apple- or Google-esque definition of cool. His mission for Microsoft is to make its brand a pervasive, intricate, and in many regards, a behind the scenes presence that helps make others cool.

I was going to write a response to this, but I honestly got lost reading the comment section at the bottom of the piece. The discussion being had level crazy. There's nothing I can write that would be more entertaining than this comments. Wow, just wow. For just a taste, here's one response to someone saying Chromebooks are a threat to Windows:

Tell me... what are the jobs that can earn a freshman 3k~ 10k+ a month? Def not arcade or convenient store staff.

How do you work efficient without menu key, shortcuts, multitasking, multi-windows, window snapping (with kb)?

Sure, maybe chrome os is eating US, but you aren't creating next-gen work force. Do they even know Excel Script?

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