Dogecoin is Going to the Moon on WordPress!

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

I saw this headline,455 Million WordPress Websites Can Now Accept Dogecoin, and of course I had to see what this was all about.

According to DogeDesigner, a UX/UI specialist and graphic designer at Dogecoin Foundation, millions of WordPress websites can now accept Dogecoin using the WooCommerce plugin "Easy Dogecoin Gateway" built by the Dogecoin developer known as "inevitable360."

A couple things here. First, this headline (and the plugin author's tweet) are hilariously optimistic. There are 455 million Wordpress sites out there, but none of them can accept Dogecoin until they install the plugin. Also, this is a WooCommerce plugin, so only WordPress users using WooCommerce can use it. The best numbers I can find show about 3-5 million sites with WooCommerce, so 99% of those 455 million are actually not able to use this.

Ok, so we went from 455 million to 5 million, but how many people have actually downloaded it?

Oh, a couple dozen.

I have no beef with this specific plugin, but I wanted to call this out because this is how I see so many, "Company X is bringing crypto payments to millions!" headlines actually work when you dig into them a little. It's all hype all the way down.