Don't Forget About Ello

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

I hadn't really been to Ello in a couple months, and I have no idea what sparked the idea to check it out again, but I did. To my surprise, there was actually a ton a activity on the site! Unlike when I went back to and saw an abandoned wasteland, Ello seems to be thriving. I wouldn't say that there is as much activity as there is on Twitter, but I did have a couple dozen posts everyday, and those posts were more substantial and visual than most of what slides by on my Twitter timeline.

And it's not like new signups have stopped either. According to Ello co-founder Paul Budnitz:

This week we had close to a quarter million new accounts on Ello. At this moment there are 3500 new people signing up on Ello an hour.

That's not staggering, hockey stick growth, but it's still pretty significant for a social network many months after its hype train ended.

The way Ello is evolving, and the way we're releasing new features is all made to serve the larger goal: continuing to make Ello the best, most positive social community in the world with the best content on the Internet.

I have to agree that Ello is one of the more positive social sites I visit. No one is bitching or harassing one another. Each new post is a celebration of something awesome, and that can't help but make you feel good.