Dreamweaver Tries to Buck its Reputation

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

Adobe showed off some new features in Dreamweaver lat week:

Dreamweaver is undergoing its biggest transformation ever to become faster, leaner and completely modernized for anyone who works with code.

In a world were us web designers have moved our workflows to dedicated text editors like Sublime Text and Atom, Dreamweaver is basically a punch line among many in our community. We love our dedicated editors because they are fast, customizable, and extremely powerful. I don't want a full IDE for web development, I just want my text editor and a Chrome window.

This demo didn't do much to convince me I need to upgrade my Creative Cloud subscription to get Dreamweaver on my Mac. The only feature that stood out was Quick Edit, which allows you to click on an HTML element and load the CSS that is controlling the display of that element right inline and edit it from there. This reminds me of Chrome's inspector that will do the same, but you still have to go back to your text editor to edit it. This looks really nice, but everything else I saw looked like the same old bloated Dreamweaver I've been avoiding since 2004. I'll stick with Atom, thank you very much.