EA Screws Up their FIFA 16 Messaging on Female Teams

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Why has it taken so long? According to EA, you can blame technology, not sexism.

“We’ve been talking about it seriously since 2009,” David Rutter, the game’s lead producer, told ESPN. “The problem was, we weren’t at a point then where the graphics would’ve been able to clearly articulate visually the differences between men and women. It wasn’t just an ethical and moral question that needed to be answered—it was a technical one.”
- Adam Epstein for Quartz


This reeks of the bullshit “women would take too long to animate” argument we heard last year from Ubi Soft about Assassin’s Creed Unity. Female teams weren’t in the game because they didn’t think they were a feature worth adding.

Come on guys, FIFA 16 is the third soccer game for the PS4 and Xbox One AND this game is coming to old consoles as well. How was the PS3/Xbox360 unable to render women last year but can do it this year?

If you want to feel worse about the world, Metro grabbed some reactions from Twitter about the inclusion of women in the game.