iOS Customization Ain’t Done Yet

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Lance Ulanoff: Exclusive: inside Apple’s iOS 16 remake of the iPhone’s iconic Lock Screen

“We knew this was a multi-act play, and we knew our next venue would be the Lock Screen,” said Federighi. “We saw a real opportunity to take that area that really has evolved slowly over time but has never seen this kind of massive step forward, and to do something really big -- but something very Apple and very personal. So, this is an act of love this year,” he added.

Widgets were a major win for for making your iPhone home screen your own, and iOS 16’s upcoming Lock Screen customizations are another great step in the right direction This interview makes it sound like this isn’t where Apple sees this trend stopping either.

And I’m here for it, bring it on.