My Favorite Photos of 2015

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 3 min read

I started doing this last year, as it was the first year I got serious about photography and I was reallt proud of the shots I got. I was a little disheartened this year when I looked through my photo library that I didn’t go out of my way to take a lot of pictures this year[1].

That said, there are still some photos that I look back fondly on and wanted to share them today.

First up, how about my brother’s golf swing at 1,200 frames per second?

Probably my favorite photo of the year

Yes, we got to hold Marnie this year. What can 2016 do to top this?

Selfie of the year

A flame frozen in mid-air

The best ice cream I ate all year

My “this could go in a real advertisment” photo

My blue buddies

The sky was epic this day (also the cover image for my book)

What color correction?

I took this on accident while lifting up my camera and it looks awesome. No edits at all

My brother and dad

My dad laughs a lot :)

At the LZ Peace Memorial in Rockford, IL

Something about the sun

Apple Watch getting some sun

No, you did a photoshoot with your watch!

We got to see Inside Out a week early!

One of the last times I hung out with all my Target friends (I swear we didn’t have any alcohol that night…)

Pllaying massive Jenga very seriously

Izzy is awesome and was my Eletronics rockstar

2AM…we’re still building…this is awesome…

A bat, a cat, and the freaking Joker

  1. It also doesn’t help that the camera I bought this year is net to worthless in low light. Indoor shots are the pits with this thing. Even well-lit shots are rather noisy. I’m looking to get this thing replaced sometime soon.  ↩