Goodies: January 20

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

This was a great week for new music releases. If your formative music years were in the mid-2000's, then this week is OMFGICANTEVEN.

First off, we have a new album from The Decemberists, which Pitchfork hated, but I love.

Sleater-Kinney released their first album in 10 years, and they're back with a vengeance.

Glasgow-based indie rock darling Belle & Sebastian put out their 8th studio album. I'm biased, as If You're Feeling Sinister is my favorite album of all time, but this album is a definite step up from their last record in 2010.

Chris Plante write a great piece on why you should still buy a real camera. "I regret using an iPhone to capture some of the best moments of my life" is a sentiment I can get behind.

Marco Arment wrote about how well Overcast is doing. Marco developed a "brand," created a great app, and priced it right for the current App Store market. He deserves all his success, and this should stand as an inspiration to everyone thinking of making software in 2015.

Federico Viticci's review of Due 2 convinced me to give the app another chance, and I'm glad I did. I adore this app so much and gladly paid the $2.99 upgrade to get some of the new features.

Max Fisher at Vox on Islamophobia all over cable news. Sometimes I like to think that it's only right-wing media that's racist and close-minded, but this sobering look tells a different story.

And finally, the story you've almost certainly seen already, Mark Gurman has images and details about the Apple Watch companion app for your iPhone.