Goodies: May 12

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Wow, isn’t sleeping in just wonderful? I typically wake up before 7am on my days off so I can get going on my “side hussles” (as Casey Liss would call them), but I decided to relax a little and get some much needed ZZZs.

I woke up to the new The Tallest Man on Earth album, so I’m presently just in a state of bliss. Combine that with a particularly good cup of coffee, and I am officially the opposite of a tortured artist today.

Today’s video is a great shot from the crowd of Derrick Rose’s game 3 buzzer beater against the Cavs. Go Bulls!


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image via cNet

I finally got a case for my new iPhone 6 plus, and the Apple Silicone Case is great for adding some grip and protection. I got the blue one, and I’ve had a few people say it looks like a giant iPhone 5C, which I’m totally okay with.