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Grading my 2023 Apple predictions halfway through the year

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 4 min read

At the start of 2023 I made some predictions about what Apple would do with basically every product in their lineup, so halfway through the year seemed like a good time to check in on things.

iPhone 15

A relatively minor upgrade once again, but USB-C will make it's triumphant debut. The Dynamic Island will also be here.

We've gotten some models of the Pro phones which show USB-C is coming, but it's not clear if this will be on the normal iPhone yet. I'd hope so for clarity's sake, but we'll see. The dynamic island is the big question mark here, and we'll see 🤞

iPhone 15 Pro

I expect this to get USB-C as well, but otherwise to be a pretty boring upgrade year.

The mute switch turning into a button isn't likely to make this less boring, but a tweaked design might bump it up. We'll see, but honestly it looks like this will be correct.

iPad Pro

Maybe too bold, but I think this will be the smallest length of time between iPad Pro versions. Forget 18 month upgrade cycles, this is going to be sub-12 months. The 11" model will get the improved display that the 12.9" has had for a couple years, the camera will move to the long side, and we might even get a new keyboard accessory. Hopefully the camera move will not require a new Apple Pencil, but I think it's worth the hit to move the camera where it belongs on the iPad.

No word yet, so maybe! Hope springs eternal for the 11" model to get that better display.


Nothing new, and the old iPad with a home button will remain in the lineup at the same price it is now.

So far so good…

iPad Mini

Finally something new! I expect it to be minor, with no physical changes.

So far so bad…but there's plenty of time.

iPad Air

Probably just a spec bump update to this weirdo in the iPad lineup.

Again, just gotta wait and see.

Apple Watch

We finally get a new health sensor, but the design stays basically the same. My wish is that it gets the action button from the Ultra, but I', not holding my breath.

We'll see, but the second half of this is almost certainly wrong.

Apple Watch Ultra

No updates at all, Apple says people love their Ultras. Maybe a new Ultra-specific band type.

I can't find it now, but I saw a rumor recently that the Ultra will get updated this fall. Yay for progress, but boo for my score!

MacBook Pro

Those 2021 models are due for processor upgrades, but don't expect any form factor changes, this is a pure spec bump.

100% correct.

MacBook Air

Nothing at all, and no price changes.

God damnit, I used 7 words to get 2 predictions wrong! We did end up getting the 15" model and they lowered the price of the 13" as well. Great news all around, but damn!

Mac Studio

I'm torn…my gut is that nothing will change here, but another part of me thinks that if the MacBook Pros get an M2 Pro and Max, then of course the Studio will get the Max and Ultra late in the year.

I was wishy washy on this one, but ultimately I was predicting an update, and that's exactly what we got.

Mac Mini

I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm saying it now: an M2 model is released with a new, smaller form factor, and it will also have an M2 Pro configuration.

2 out of 3 ain't bad, right? Same design, but we did get an M2 bump as well as an M2 Pro variant.


Nothing, not even an M2 upgrade.

If this was going to get an update, I would have expected it by now. Every other M1-powered machine has gotten an M2 update, so maybe this one will at a random time in the year, but we'll see.

Mac Pro

More of a Mac Studio Plus than a direct successor to the current Mac Pro. No third party GPUs, but maybe RAM and storage are upgradable.

Can I get a shout out for full points here! Okay, the RAM isn't upgradable, but I nailed everything else!


Maybe just a dream, but I'm saying it: this is the year we get a new HomePod to succeed to original.

We did!

Doubling down, I'm going to say the new HomePod can also act as a docking station for iPhones. Use MagSafe to connect your iPhone and it instantly pairs with the HomePod for audio payback.

Oh no…

Going further, if you have an iPhone with an always-on display, that will go into a new mode specifically for when it's docked to this new HomePod.

Ok no, but iOS 17 is getting literally this when you put it on a MagSafe charger in landscape orientation.

Entering Crazy Town, let's also say that new iPad Mini has MagSafe and can be docked to this HomePod as well.

Stop guessing!

Apple TV

They just upgraded it, so no changes this year to the hardware.

Nothing yet, and I still think it's not getting an update.


Nothing, the current gen is great.

Nothing yet and I stand by this one.

AirPods Pro

Nothing, just refreshed a few months ago, so I don't expect anything until at least 2024, probably 2025.

Nailing it again.

AirPods Max

No upgrade, although it would be nice to see them address the folding and case issues from the originals.

Correct so far, although with the current models not getting almost any of the cool new software updates in iOS 17, maybe a new model is in the wings.

Keyboards and Mice

Come on, these suckers aren't changing, although they may get USB-C versions.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha they will never change!