“Happy Holidays” is a kindness

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

'Tis almost the season, so I was happy to stumble on this old post about Fox News’ favorite thing to get mad about, the fact people just don’t say “merry Christmas” anymore. Here’s Devon Dundee writing "Happy Holidays" Isn't an Insult

It’s simply a matter of fact that there are multiple holidays celebrated this time of year. [...] this time of year has been considered a time of celebration for all of human history, probably because of the astronomical wonder of the winter solstice.

Precisely this. Someone saying “happy holidays” isn’t an attack on your religion or your culture, it’s a show of respect to everyone. It’s a kindness when in a situation where you don’t know what the other person in the exchange believes.

My family celebrates Christmas. We’re all varying levels of religious, but Christmas is the holiday we celebrate together as a family. I don’t walk in the door December 24th and yell, “happy holidays!” I say “merry Christmas.” Likewise, when I talk to friends who celebrate other things, I call those out.

But if I don’t know you well enough to know what you do, I generally say “happy holidays.” I don’t operate a business, but if I did I would 100% say “happy holidays” as well since my customers would surely have a bunch of beliefs.

It’s not an attack, it’s a kindness.

I think that the reason Christians tend to get so uptight about this issue is that we have enjoyed a monopoly on power throughout our nation’s history. From day one, Christians have been in charge.

I do think this is a perfect example of “when you’re used to power, equality feels like oppression.”