How Kevin Rose came to love the Apple Watch

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

From his most recent issue of The Journal:

With the release of the Apple Watch 3 (with LTE) I can now truly leave my phone at home for extended periods of time. The LTE plan allows me to receive phone calls (via wireless [AirPods]) and the limited functionality (no browser) and difficulty of use (it's hard to type) makes me avoid texting and email unless it's truly an emergency. I also made sure to deeply configure it, turning off all notifications except for calendar events, fitness reminders, and Uber.

Like me, Kevin is finding value in the Apple Watch not only as a tool for enhancing his day when it comes to the normal stuff (notifications, phone calls, fitness, etc.) but he’s also enjoying the ability it give him to disconnect a little from the world. No, not disconnecting entirely, but disconnecting to a point where he can check things and contact people if he wants, but the more limited functionality forces him to only do these things if they’re important.

It’s worth mentioning again how simple the LTE functionality works on the Apple Watch Series 3. You never need to toggle anything or move your SIM card to another device, all you have to do is walk away from your phone. That’s it, put it on a table and walk away. Don’t think about it, just go.