By Matt Birchler
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HTC Brags About the Ultimate Bullshit Spec

Photo via The Verge Readwrite - The HTC One M9’s Best Feature Doesn’t Actually Exist Yet

HTC decided to do just that by boasting about the fact that the One M9 offers a stunning 2 terabytes—yes, you read that correctly—of microSD storage.

There’s just one problem: 2TB microSD cards basically don’t exist yet. The best you can buy on Amazon appears to be a 128GB card. SanDisk just unveiled a 200GB card—that’s still only about one-tenth the size of a 2TB card—that it calls the “world’s largest capacity microSD card.” (It will also set you back about $400.)

The spec wars are not over, my friends. HTC brags about support for a microSD card that doesn’t exist yet, and probably won’t exist for many years. I understand wanting to woo potential customers with specs that look good on paper, but this particular spec takes the cake for ridiculousness.

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