Hulu Rolling Out 60fps Playback for Live TV

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

It’s here: Hulu with Live TV, now testing in 60FPS. - Hulu

You’ve asked, you’ve patiently waited… and today is the day we begin rolling out 60fps (frames per second) support on Live TV. This was one of the most-requested features by our viewers.

The feature is rolling out now for iOS, Apple TV, Xbox One, Fire TV, Samsung TV, and even the Nintendo Switch (notably not Android or Roku, for some reason). While this is not super exciting for most channels, as they will still display at the normal 30fps, this is great for sports. The Olympics are starting this Friday1 and I eagerly look forward to watching the Winter Games at this higher frame rate.

Assuming this all goes well, A+ work Hulu.

  1. Well, technically today, but the opening ceremony is Friday.