I Love That Game Developers Even Think to Do This

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Polygon reporting on NBA 2K17:

Visual Concepts traveled to every NBA team’s arena to "record and analyze the different sounds exclusive to each arena,"

The authentic audio in NBA 2K17 includes the way the ball sounds when it bounces on the floor, hits the rim and backboard, and goes through the net; crowd noise, such as cheers and chants; and team-specific buzzers.

I can't help but love this story. You could argue it's wasteful, isn't something basketball fans were explicitly asking for, and is all for something that won't even be noticed by most gamers, but that's why I love it. I love that the developers wanted to devote this amount of effort to something that makes their game another notch more realistic. I love that it was someone's job to coordinate sending audio people across the country with a specific shot sheet for what audio they needed to record.

When I was a kid, basketball games had one court that looked the same no matter what teams were playing. The only difference was the logo at center court. Games have gotten so realistic that we now can have a game that is accurate down to the noise a basketball makes going through the specific type of net each stadium uses. That's something else.