I’m going to have fun at WWDC

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

The cynic in me knows that WWDC is a corporate event meant to get people excited about what Apple is working on so that people like me buy more products from them. The keynote is a marketing event, I get it.

But also, I don’t really care, and I’m going to enjoy the week.

I really enjoy technology and Apple reliably makes my favorite tools that I use daily. Following their work is fun and I’m looking forward to finding all the tiny little details in iOS 18 that didn’t make the keynote, but some random person online will find and we’ll all go, “that’s rad!”

I also know a few people at Apple, and while they are always good about not telling me what they’re working on before it’s announced, I see the passion and excitement they put into their work. Yes, Apple Inc. is a giant mega corp who does bad things sometimes, but it’s also full of people trying to do their life’s best work.

I’m also excited by all of the personal relationships I’ve developed over the last decade and a half. My family and real life friends (online is real too, but you know what I mean) don’t care about tech like I do, and finding that there were tons of people out there who were passionate about this stuff as well has been a massive net win in my life. As a single example, my podcast cohosts live in California and France. There is no way we ever would have met and become friends without our shared passion for Apple-centric technology.

So yeah, I’m going to be critical of things Apple does for the rest of my days, but I’m also going to remember that I got into this because it was fun. I strongly believe that the online discourse can make it so people fall into a rut where people get angry all the time about everything. I genuinely love Apple’s products a lot, and this week is like Christmas for me, so I’m going to have fun during WWDC — there are 51 other weeks this year to be salty, so unless WWDC is an absolute dumpster fire, expect to get Glass Half Full Matt this week. ✌️